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[Staging to Sell|[Perfecting|Preparing|Prepping] Your [Home|House] for [Prospective Buyers|an Open House|Sale] in [<%City%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County]|Home Staging Tips|How To Stage Your [Home|House|Residence] for [Sale|an Open House]|[Reduce Your [Home's|House's]|Spend Fewer] Days on the Market in [<%City%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County] With Home Staging|Spend Less Time on the Market With an Open House and [Home Staging [Techniques|Tips]|[Expert|Proper] Home Staging]]

Sell quickly in <%City%> with home staging and with me as your [agent|real estate agent|real estate professional|REALTOR] - <%Phone%>

[ [Professional|Expert|Careful] home staging is [an established|a surefire|a tried and true|a proven] [tactic|approach|method|technique|strategy] [used|applied|utilized] to sell a [home|house] here in [<%City%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County].| [ [Prior to listing|Before you list] your [home|house|real estate] for sale|[Before you put|Prior to [placing|putting]|As you are placing] your [home|house|residence] on the market], consider [a proven|the best|a surefire] way to sell your house: [expert|professional|careful|well-planned] home staging.] [Some advantages to home staging include|Home staging benefits include|Some positive aspects of home staging include] [less time|fewer days] on the market and [better offers|higher selling prices|higher bids|higher offers|more offers]. [[Try out|Consider|Think about|Decide on] professional home staging for a [quicker|faster] home sale.|If [your goal is|you want] to sell your [home|house] quickly, [think about|consider|choose|go for] [a well-planned|a [thoroughly|well] thought out] [home staging strategy|approach to home staging].]

[Staging your [home|house] in [<%County%> County|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%City%>] is all about [promoting|marketing|selling] a lifestyle. You want buyers to [imagine|see|picture|envision] themselves [calling your [house] "home"|living and lounging in your [home|house]]. You want them to see your [present|current] [home|house] as their [next|future] [home|house].|Home staging is part of preparing your home for [an Open House|sale]. Staging [centers on|concentrates energy|focuses] on your home's presentation to buyers [ |and buyers' agents] while [showing off|highlighting] the [characteristics|features|details] of your home with [thoughtfully|strategically] placed [furnishings|furniture] and [decorations|photos|pictures|artwork] so that your home [looks as if it's|appears|feels|seems|looks] [more spacious|more open|bigger] and buyers can [picture|imagine|envision] [their lives|living] in your home.|[Look at|Think of] staging your [home|house] as creating [a "style"|an "image"] for your [home|house] [similar to what|like|the same way] [an agent|a manager|a publicist] would do for a [high profile|notable|well-known|famous|celebrity] client. Just like creating [a style|an image] [gives|garners|attracts] [more attention to|more positive attention to|more fame for] [a singer|an actress|an actor|a musician|an artist], staging makes your [house|home|real estate] [a more desirable listing|more attractive|more inviting|look better when it's] on the market.]

[If [you've [fully|completely] moved out already|your [home|house] is [vacant|empty]], [think about|consider] [temporary|renting] furniture. [The goal is for|You want] your house to [feel|look|seem|appear] [inviting|cozy|warm|ready to live in|livable] as opposed to [empty|cold and empty|deserted|vacated]. [Increased|More] [days|months|weeks] on the market are sure [indicators|signs] of homes that [weren't|haven't been|didn't get|lacked being] staged.|[Homes absent of furniture|Vacant homes|Empty houses] [sit|spend|stay|are held] more days on the market.] As [a real estate professional|a top agent in|a successful real estate agent|a real estate professional|an agent|a successful real estate agent|a real estate professional living and working|a top-producing agent|a local expert and top agent|a successful REALTOR|[an agent|a real estate agent|a real estate professional|a REALTOR]] in [<%City%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County], I can [help you stage your house|give you home staging tips] so that your home sells [quickly|as quickly as possible|fast]. [Prepping|Preparing|Making ready|Staging] your [house|home|property] [for an Open House|to sell] [shouldn't be thought of as|doesn't have to be] [an annoying experience|a problem|another hurdle in getting your [house|home] sold|a nerve-racking experience]. [[At times, it's|Instead it can be|It can turn into] [an eye-opening|a thrilling|a fun] and [inventive|creative] [activity|task|project]. |It can actually be [enjoyable|a blast|a great time to let your creative juices flow].] Together, we'll [work to get|strive for] [a high|an exceptional|a premium|a top dollar] [offer|bid] for your [house|home|property|home's sale].

[[For|If you want] [more information about|to know more about|additional information about|even more information on|extra information on|to know the details of] home staging to sell your [house|home|property] quickly in [<%City%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County], contact [<%CompanyName%>|me] and I'll [[assist|help] you with [promoting|designing|creating|setting up|preparing] the best image for your [house|home]|[give you advice for|use my [<%City%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County] expertise for|clue you in to] the fastest ways to sell your [house|home]].|Using my home staging [tips|techniques|advice|pointers] will get your [house|home] sold [faster|more quickly|more easily] in [<%City%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County] than [foregoing the staging process|without staging|deciding not to stage]. <%CompanyName%> can help you [create|design] [an inviting|a welcoming] [feeling|atmosphere] that makes buyers to want to stay — permanently. Give me a call at <%Phone%> and I [will|can help] stage your [house|home] to sell.]

[[Use these|Below are a few] home staging [tricks|pointers|tips] to get [going|started]:|[Start|Begin] with [this home staging advice|these home staging tips] and you'll [notice|see] that your [home|house] [sits|spends] fewer [weeks|months|days] on the market[ | after listing]:|[To see|For] [less time|fewer days|fewer weeks] on the market in [<%City%>|<%City%>, <%FullState%>|<%County%> County], [use|try|employ] these [house|home|interior|low-cost] staging tips:]

Curb Appeal

[Curb appeal is your [only|first|best] chance to [create|make] a [[strong|great] first impression|positive impact] on buyers [before they [[walk|step foot] into|enter] your [house|home]|from a street perspective]. The [pluses and minuses|[good and bad|positive and negative] features] that jump out at buyers [create|shape|form] their [initial|first] [thoughts about|perception of|opinion of] your [house|home] and how you [upkeep|perform|keep up your] [house's|home's] regular maintenance.|[First, look at|Begin with|Start with] the [exterior|outside] of your [house|home], [better known as|also called|or] your curb appeal. [Look at|Inspect|Examine|Take a fresh look at] the [exterior|outside] of your [house|home] from [a quick glance from the street|the view of a passerby|a street [view|perspective]]. What [do you notice first|jumps out at you]? What [positive|dollar-earning|unique|great|wonderful|awesome|would've-been-eye-catching] [characteristics|features] seem [to fade into the background|hidden|waiting to be noticed]?] [Understanding|Knowing|Acknowledging] this [assists us in [determining|deciding]|helps us to [choose|decide]] what [plan of action we can use|steps we can take|measures we can take|actions we can take|we can do] to [attract|draw|entice|invite] buyers from the street and into your [house|home]. If your [home's exterior isn't [inviting|as neat as possible|up to par]|[house|home] isn't [attractive|pretty|the best it can look|at its best] on the outside] with [refreshed|touched up|retouched] paint and [colorful|blooming|bright] [greenery|garden plants] [we'll need to [address|tackle] those [as well|issues]|it's time to get those things done]. [Refer to|Follow] the Curb Appeal Checklist and [increase|add dollars to|raise|boost|elevate] your [house's|home's] final selling price.

Curb Appeal Checklist >

Sell quickly in <%City%> with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - <%Phone%>
Sell quickly in <%City%> with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - <%Phone%>
Sell quickly in <%City%> with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - <%Phone%>
Sell quickly in <%City%> with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - <%Phone%>

Welcome Home

[[Could a buyer|Can buyers] [picture|envision|see|picture] themselves [[enjoying game night|lounging|watching a movie|hanging out] in your living [space|area|room]], [[unwinding|relaxing|reading a good book] in your [spa tub|master bedroom|reading nook]] or [[getting work done|studying] in your home office?|[inviting family and friends over for|hosting] a dinner in your [dining room|eat-in kitchen]?] I want your [Open House|house|home] to [pleasantly accept|welcome] buyers and [offer|give] them a sense of [easy living|ease|contentment|comfort]. I'll help you [accomplish|do|achieve] this by [recommending|suggesting] [small improvements|changes] that [highlight|enhance] [the features of your [house|home|property].|your [house's|home's] features.]|Does your [house|home] seem to say, "[This is Your New Home|This is Your Next House|Hello From Your New Welcome Home]" to a buyer? [Examining|Looking through|Walking-through|Touring] your [house|home|property] [with a critical eye|with a buyer's eye|from a buyer's [view|perspective]], I'll [advise you of|suggest|recommend] [adjustments|changes|arrangements|fixes] that [improve|build up|enhance] [market|Open House|sales] appeal.] I'll [tell|help|advise|suggest that] you [take away|reduce the effect of|eliminate|get rid of|put out of sight|put in storage] [[items|things|pieces] that give|anything that gives] the [look|appearance|impression|illusion] of clutter. [Tabletops|Counter tops|Table and counter tops|Surface areas like tables, desks and counters] should be [clutter-free|neatly arranged|cleared off|free and clear]. [Brick-a-brack|Knickknacks|Kitschy sculptures|Arts and crafts], [sentimental items|souvenirs], family photos, and [kids'|refrigerator|play time] [drawings|artwork|works of art] should get [moved out of sight|stored away too]. [You need to ["generalize"|"de-personalize"|give mass appeal to|remove the personal details from|"neutralize"] the [house|home] so buyers can [see|perceive|envision|imagine|picture] it as their new [house|home].|I can help you [simplify the decor of|de-clutter your] house. [Less than inviting|Ugly|Unsightly|Unattractive|Disheveled] or [busy|cluttered|messy|dirty] [spaces|spots|places|areas] make your home [look|feel|seem] [unkempt|less spacious|smaller] and buyers have a [harder|more difficult] time [seeing|imagining|picturing] themselves [calling your property "home"|living there].]

[I know [exactly|instantly] [where|what] a room's best [characteristics|features] are and how to [show them off|highlight them].|I'll [look over|review] [every|each] room of your home.|Every [area|room] gets a once-over.] [I'll [note|point out] the pieces of furniture that should be [removed|rearranged|put in storage], rooms that need [a fresh coat of|new] paint, [rugs|carpet] needing to [get|be] changed, fixtures that [could use|need] [shining|brightening|polishing], and any other improvement that can [quickly|easily|inexpensively] be made to positively [affect|influence|impact] the sale.| [Changes|Enhancements|Improvements|Areas] that directly [impact|affect] your [sale price|dollars|bottom line] include [fixable|easy-to-fix items] like [furniture pieces|pieces of furniture] that should [get|be] [rearranged|removed], rooms that need [fresh|new|neutral] paint, carpet that [needs to be steamed|needs to be replaced|needs changing|needs steaming], fixtures that need [shining|polishing|polishing|replacing], and windows that need [washing|cleaning.]]

[[I'll ensure|I'll make sure|I'll make sure that|Working together, we'll make sure|With me by your side, you'll know that] your [house|home] [has mass appeal|is [likable|appealing|neutral]] and that it's [inviting|welcoming|friendly|comfortable], [staying away from|avoiding|steering clear of] "[loud|offensive]" or "[too-bright|can't-work-with|personalized]" [colors|shades|hues] on the walls and furniture. [And if [none of your belongings are there|you've already moved out|the house is [vacant|empty]], you can [consider|think about|try] [temporary|borrowing|renting] [furnishings|furniture]. [The goal is for|You want] your [house|home] to look [lived in|homey|inviting|ready to live in] as opposed to [cold and empty|empty|abandoned|vacated|bare|barren|cold and deserted|deserted|uninhabited|bare and uninhabited].]| [[Potential buyers|Buyers|Buyers' agents know that their clients] [like to see|expect|want to see|want|like] a [home|house|residence|property] that [brings them inside|draws them in with charm|charms them|seems comfortable|invites them inside]. [Items|Personal items|Decor|Anything|Everything] that could be ["loud"|too personal|"offensive"|uninviting|unsightly] should [be put away|go into storage|get moved out|be removed] [so that your [home|house] will|in order for your [home|property|house] to] [have general appeal|have likability|impress buyers|[achieve|garner] mass appeal] [at the open house|during any visit|at every showing|to buyers|while on the market]].]

Welcome Home Checklist >

Setting the Stage
[[You'll know when|I'll tell you when] [to show your house|to show your home|to open your home up to buyers|to host an Open House|for the Open House], because [all of the changes come|all of the improvements mesh|everything comes] together to [create a picture of|paint a picture of|set the stage for] what buyers [can expect|can envision|can look forward to|will expect] [when they consider buying|after they choose to buy|after they close on] your house.|[During your Open House|At every showing|In every opportunity|At your Open House|The entire time your house in on the market|In the short time that your house will be on the market], [we're doing well if we're engaging the buyer's senses|we want to capture buyers' attention|we want to engage the buyer's senses].] [Brightness is|Shadows are|Lighting is|To eliminate shadows|To counteract darkness is] [a mood changer|important|critical] and we'll [part the|open|draw back] curtains, and [change light bulbs|add lighting|create light|reduce shadows] where needed to [invite the buyer inside|welcome the buyer|show off your [house|home|property]]. Together we'll enhance the [mood of the house|ambiance|air of the house] with enjoyable music [to listen to while guests [look at|look around|experience|tour|take a walk-through of|enjoy] your home|playing [softly|lightly]] and [make sure|ensure|assure] a [delightful|pleasant|nice|pleasing] [fragrance|aroma|scent] [circulates|flows] [throughout your [house|home]|room-to-room|from every [area|room]]. We'll [add|incorporate|include|make use of] cozy-looking [bedspreads|blankets|throws], and [throw pillows|pillows|place pillows] on your [chairs|loveseat|couch|sofa] and [bed|bedding]. [Buyers should|We want buyers to] feel like your [current| ] [house|home] [has the potential to be|is their future home].

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